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San Marino Adventures is a wonderful adventure park that offers fun and exciting attractions in the trees surrounded by nature It is the biggest adventure park on the Adriatic coast and one of the largest theme parks in Italy, with its 28 trails it provides fun for kids, teens and adults in total safety and is immersed in an uncontaminated and adrenaline-filled environment.
Cables, walkways, suspended nets, pulleys, bridges of all types, tunnels, climbing walls and much more are just some of the attractions that make San Marino Adventures a unique and sought-after destination in which to spend a day out of the ordinary.
At San Marino Adventures We can all feel like Tarzan, Rambo or an Avatar moving with agility among the trees. The large number of trails and the varied types of games provide fun for both beginners and the more daring.
Trails andattractions
7 trails for children, 11 for teens and adults, a playground area for the youngest family members, 1 wonderful paramilitary ground trail that reproduces Marine training in the woods, one 10-metre climbing wall with a rock-climbing school to test the skills of even the most athletic. The innovations in the park have been outstanding since 2010: THE BLACK INFERNO TRAIL which will take you 18 metres high and will make you feel chills you have never felt before or the 280 metre long PANORAMIC pulley (a long 15 second rush at up to 60 km/h) is a unique and exciting attraction. The IMPOSSIBLE TRAIL at a height of up to 25 metres and a Tibetan bridge for a climb of over 100 metres, is really IMPOSSIBLE! YOU CAN ALSO TRY THE NEW PONILANDIA ADVENTURES, A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE (for children from 2 to 14 years) IN THE SADDLE OF OUR BEAUTIFUL PONIES.
For those not using the trails, or for moments on the ground, there are a great many services: a Relaxation Area, a Barbecue Area, an internet WiFi Connection, a Picnic Area and a fully-stocked Bar.

Safety in accessing trails is guaranteed by professional mountaineering equipment and the presence of experienced instructors who supervise the preparation, instruction and activities on the trails with care, courtesy and kindness.
Families, groups
and much more!
Ideal for family or group outings, San Marino Adventures offers a full day of fun with no limits and the possibility to test your limits and try your hand at a fun, healthy and exciting activity. For organized groups (we can host up to 200 people) you can also try one of our auxiliary activities such as a fun orienteering race (naturalistic treasure hunt) or an educational trail in the surrounding Montecerreto park (the largest in San Marino with almost 2 km2 covering 1/30 of the of the state's territory).
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